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Thread: Team Balance?

  1. Question Team Balance?

    Currently there is no Team Balance in the pub server, but should there be?

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    I'll admit, teamstacking happens alot in the Pub. So yeah.
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    Makes getting on a team with friends impossible. Unless you allow 2-3 people before team balancing kicks in.

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    If I notice an imbalance in player frag counts I'll manually switch a high fragger. They usually get pissed off but oh well. Admins are there to make the play enjoyable for all, not just one team.

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    I'd support team balance.

    Stacking is pervasive, especially on CS maps.

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    Yes please

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    I'm gonna go ahead and agree that team balance should be implemented.

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    Yes. It happens quite often. People bitch and I even up the teams but what can you do.

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    OK so then the question is what is the best method to properly balance the teams? Lets also try to think outside the box not only on detecting imbalances but also on how to deal with them.

    For example what if a mod gave the worst players on the worst team some extra health!?

    Are there any features that such a mod should have?

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    anything other than a basic teamswitch between the topfraggers/bottomfraggers on each team would have a negative impact on gameplay as well as the server i believe.

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