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    My thread was closed?

    Here is the proof in txt form

    Why are admins allowed to get away with treating there regulars like shit? Your regulars are what keep you alive as a community.
    There was no shit talking on my part.
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    You slayed him for killing you after round.

    Nuff' said.

    How about this, no where in here does it say you lost levels from the slay, however it does show Tentoes losing levels. Not only this, you can edit this notepad to whatever you want it to be, it is not a viable way to prove or disprove something. There is no abuse here and if you make another thread it will be deleted.

    Player Tentoes <Ibis.a> has been slayed for team killing Chexy ^Reddit
    Tentoes <Ibis.a> has lost 2 levels by suicided

    (ADMIN) Tentoes <Ibis.a>: slayed player Chexy ^Reddit
    -??t?- |?s???ss?| killed AndrewV : with sg552.
    -??t?- |?s???ss?| killed Dukeman with g3sg1.
    `???? is leading on level 10 :: famas
    `???? killed -??t?- |?s???ss?| with scout.
    *DEAD* Chexy ^Reddit : WTF?
    `???? is leading on level 11 :: galil
    `???? killed [-NR-] Lord_Sexy Sneaky Racist with famas.
    Edna Mode killed `???? with aug.
    EpiK F4iL ;D killed gzusfr33k with awp.
    *DEAD* Chexy ^Reddit : Dude
    *DEAD* Chexy ^Reddit : the fuck is your problem
    halfbreed_x_3_[ninja] : someone needs to make it to the red button
    Chexy ^Reddit : Thats abuse.
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