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    so i have been on off alot in the last few months and i was wondering what i need to do to get HLSS working again, it dosnt seem to work after certin updates.

    maybe some links?

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    it seems HLSS is now dead, i'd suggest hldj works fine and easy to use.
    I couldn't find a download to hlss anymore but the links referred me to hldj.

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    Aww man.. and I hate HLDJ..

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    hlss shoul still work. have you gone to their site for install instructions?
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    i went to HLSS.Us and it redirected me to hldj )=
    im sad

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    Put the CFG file in steam>steamapps>account>counter-strike source>cstrike>cfg

    Open up hlss and change the director, through options to your counter-strike source folder steam>steamapps>account>counter-strike source

    bind a key in css to "ToggleWAV"

    The file format for wav files is 16bit 11025 hz 1 mono

    dBpowerAMP exe is MusicConverter.exe

    Have fun.

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