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Thread: Dark <ibis.a>, and some other admins.

  1. Default Dark <ibis.a>, and some other admins.

    M 11/13/2010 - 18:26:58: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [Dark <ibis.a>] [STEAM_0:0:13896761] Executed : ma_rcon ma_noclip Dark
    M 11/13/2010 - 18:26:58: CONSOLE : noclip user [Dark <ibis.a>] [STEAM_0:0:13896761]
    M 11/13/2010 - 18:26:58: CONSOLE : noclip user [Dark_Ghost0] [STEAM_0:0:35439786]

    I hate to lay down the law, but you banned this player the other day for 'hacking' because he was flying around. This is the second time this has happened in about 2 weeks, and it needs to stop. You, along with the other new admins need to unbind your noclip, unbind your permaban keys, and start using the other functions of your admin before you don't even get a chance to.

    Freeze, mute, kick. Anything else without good cause and/or proof is likely to get most of you in trouble at this point. You may have been trying to keep the server clean, so I'll give you credit for trying.

    You know who you guys are, and you should know what is right and acceptable. I shouldn't need to explain it, since it is your responsibility. Come on guys.

    And if you don't know what should be done, get me or a more experienced admin, we don't mind.
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    im sorry to say this. well.. not really.

    but that dude is a fucking dumbass.
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    o.O dude, you're fucking dead. i don't think posting photoshopped pics of zero's mother sleeping with the pope would even come CLOSE to taking on rob.

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    *sigh* This is why you DO NOT have ANY keybindings for user specific commands.

    The ONLY admin commands you should have bound are All Talk and No Block.

    I may have slap bound to myself, but at least I know WHAT TO BIND.

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    i had my slap self bound to my entire name. since i doubte anyone else would be name [Zinta]priest{ibis.a}

    fucking shortcuts people take
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    How am I supposed to tell you to fuck off without replying ?

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    I just use my STEAM ID

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    wasnt taz the first to do this with LORD? honestly admins should be aware of the other players and should know their bindings and this is yet another example of a lazy admin. pay attetion people stop jumping the gun

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    well seeing as in that match i never used noclip, as soon as someone told me about the dark_ghost i went into spec saw that he was hacking and banned him, also i think that is the first time ive ever banned someone.

    the only thing i have bound now is ztele and admin, once people said dont use noclip i stopped

    just found my demo... sorry i forgot to get the steamid of the guy but it was Dark_ghost
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkphoenix View Post
    well seeing as in that match i never used noclip, as soon as someone told me about the dark_ghost i went into spec saw that he was hacking
    The logs say otherwise. Are you sure you didn't use the noclip command?

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    so many fuckin dumb admins it keeps on getting funnier.
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    so many fuckin dumb admins it keeps on getting funnier.

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