didnt know someone had already claimed admin abuse on me lmfao. i remember jared and he was spamming his clan saying fuck ibis and all that shit i wish i had copied all of that but i never perma banned the fag or did anything of the sort xerenix and i both banned him seperately since he came back after a 30 minute ban for simple disrespect after i had muted him twice to give him a timeout i said if u just chill out and play it will be fine. xer banned him for the same reasons if i recall and its enough said i see it was closed and nothing will come of it since he plainly shows more disrespect in the threads lol but i did tell him the site so he could post on me since he was nothing more than a whinny complaing whimp. but many others on the server at the time told him to just shut it cause he had gotten annoying after muting and everything else. but thank u for the support xer but i had banned him as well for similar reasons.