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Thread: Guild Wars 2

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    Default Guild Wars 2 is a trailer.

    I am not sure about just how many of you actually play MMO's because its never really a big subject on the forums or in the servers but i thought id let everyone who might not know just HOW awesome this game will be and have a further discussion about it.

    my understanding is that the game wont be a Grind grind grind level game
    but it will be more of a interactive game with a illustrated worlds.. not mountian tree bush tree.

    the also say it will be an open real time world.

    BAH so much just watch and discuss

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    I'm bringing this thread back to life because it's official that the release will be this year! A lot of sites are speculating that it will be a June release, while others are speculating a later 2012 release.

    I was reading about some of the mechanics in the game, and the penalty system for dying is practically non-existent! I love that. They offer you the ability for a "last chance" if you that when you're about to die, you can cast a few spells that are only for when you're down, that could turn the table, or be revived if an ally avenges you!

    I am SOOOO excited for this game. With SWTOR being a bit of a disappointment for me, I'm ready for an MMO that lives up to all the hype..maybe this is the one!

    Also, I bought GW Trilogy to try it out to get some background before GW2 come out!

    So...who's excited!!!!!????
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    Definite pre-order for me. Already read everything there is to read about it.

    I have tons of shit and money in GW and pretty much know everything about the game. In a GM guild also that has access to the beta.

    The entire lore and story of GW is great, seems as the lacking of a "real" MMORPG is being implemented this time around, while retaining instanced story lines...
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    maynard <ibis>: they are awkward and last 2 damn long. I prefer thinner smaller ones

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    meh... I'm on the fence. GW was a complete P O S... wasn't even a real MMORPG IMO...

    ill have 2 wait and see... odds are ill be playing diablo 3 when this comes out, so wont bother till later down the road.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Sent them an email about Beta testing.

    I cant wait. Id marry GW if i could.
    Unfortunately i will either be leaving or physically in Afghanistan when it releases.
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    Ehh, I really liked GW. Your just to use to the persistent style MMORPG. As long as there is a place for the masses to gather, still a MMORPG, just now as world massive.

    On the fence or not, no subscription, single pay, can't beat that.

    Diablo 3 is getting consolized... I'm now on the fence about that one.

    And mikey, I would own your face in GW. Come at me.
    Make all your last demands for I will forsake you and I'll meet your eyes for the very first time, for the very last.

    maynard <ibis>: they are awkward and last 2 damn long. I prefer thinner smaller ones

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    Red face

    I hope they add minis again. I miss my mini panda. I also hope they add a secruity feature as well seeing as iv had two he accounts hacked for my in game wealth. Ecto Ecto Ecto ecto
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    you couldn't even go anywhere you wanted on the map Lol... you couldn't run up random hills, check shit out, there was pre made running paths and you basically had 2 stick 2 them all the time, it was a joke. that's not a mmorpg. ive been playing them since 94, I enjoy all kinds... but no actual people in the world other than in towns? can't go where ever you want on the maps and go exploring? hellz no. I don't care about monthly fees, I care about a good game and I just didn't vibe at all on GW...

    what you mean about d3 being colonized, you talking about how they making a console version? if so, who gives a shit? they making 2 versions, doesn't mean d3 will suck. keep an eye open for torchlight 2... that looks like it's gonna be pretty epic also from what ive seen, actually will have multiplayer this time and a ton of more shit 2 do... + actual maps and areas, not just the same reused slightly changed dungeon setting over and over lol..

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Every game that was pc the redistributed to console was ruined. There's good reason behind second guessing d3s potential awesomeness.

    Can any one say voltaic spear x10 baby!!!!
    Gw2 will be open world Maynard.
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    dude, it's blizzard... enough said Lol...

    blizzard has made 1 fail game ever, and it never even made release so who cares. blizzard makes SICK games that sell like crazy, D3 will be more than fine. they started with the PC version, later decided shit, we can make a console verison easy and make a shit ton more money, got another team and have them working on it. there's no reason what so ever for it 2 cause any issues for the PC version.... once again... It's blizzard lol...

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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