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Thread: Unban, please?

  1. Default wishforfailure 08/12/08 23:00

    Name in Game: wishforfailure
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:15341512
    Who banned you: don't know
    When: 08/12/08 23:00 (approx)
    Where: [ISS] IBIS Pub # 1 100tick| Fast DL | PsychoStats
    Why banned: no idea

    Other/Reason to unban: no reason for the ban.
    Last edited by wishforfailure; 08-13-2008 at 09:00 PM. Reason: complying with unban format

  2. Default

    First we have to see who banned you and why. I know your a regular, there is a certain format you must submit to request to be unbanned.

    list under unbanned

    In the Title section -> Username Date(of ban) Time(of ban)

    In the Message section ->

    Name in Game:
    Who banned you:
    Why banned:

    Other/Reason to unban:

  3. Default

    Unless some one can post a reason withing 24 hours this user will be unbanned.

  4. Default

    he does donkey shows.

  5. Default

    Damn, for real? You're so screwed wish

  6. Default

    LOL, Hey, ya never know if the "Higher Ups" like that kinda thing. He might be let off the hook just for it.

  7. Default

    whyt likes it that's how he knows

    where the fuck you been at?

  8. Default

    He's hooked on Rome: Total War Lol

  9. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by D1lD0 View Post
    He's hooked on Rome: Total War Lol
    Totally gay game!

  10. Default

    NO ITS FUN! but i'm no good at it...

    he plays all day everyday since he got it. at least he likes it?

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