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Thread: Violent video games and poor people make good solders?!

  1. Default Violent video games and poor people make good solders?!

    Well that is the message that I got from it... I think it is a bit crazy and disrespectful to our troops. We have a voluntary army and I like to think that the people who serve in it do it out of dedication to their nation and that the benefits are just that benefits. I also like to think that our military kills well b/c they are trained well, my pocket alone tells me that if all my money is going to train these guys and buy them all the best shit they better dam well kick ass. Also because of the things we learned from Vietnam I like to think that our solders today deal with war much better because of the better psychological training they receive.

    I think a lot of these people just do not understand because they have never been in combat and they are just not wired for it. They act like the current society is making it easy for people to deal with killing people. Sorry but we have been killing each other since Cain and Able. We have had wars for thousands of years, the humans that can and could not handle it mostly died out. Think about it, in those days it was live or die if you had some mental issue you got killed and thus less offspring. Evolution has favored those who can handle killing, and thus it is the people that can not comprehend war that are in the minority. Today it is easier than it was in days long past. Your enemy is not being diced to bites 3ft before you, your not gouging his eyes out and then decapitating him. Today you point aim and shoot that is a lot less off a toll on a solder. Also why in the hell would you try to think about what you are doing when at war. That seems like a very very bad idea, the more you try to not think about what your doing to the enemy the easier it is. Why do you want to make it easy, well I am assuming that you want to pull that trigger first and not be the one on the ground...

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    damn tree hugging, liberal hippi, douches

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    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    damn tree hugging, liberal hippi, douches
    I have to agree... this video is such crap and really puts down what our soldiers are out there doing! Yeah they want some kick ass music to remind them of home... but no Ozzy or any other music makes you feel better about killing a human being. This shit is real not a videogame I dont think the soldiers have a difficult time understand the diffrence in the two its the media that has shit all out of whack...

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    Some truth in there. Never has so much violence and sadism been in American media than the last ten to fifteen years. Not necessarily just the music mentioned, but all over including movies like Saw or even television shows like Law and Order.

    This is the culture we've created. Very gritty, pure realism with no filter, so of course the war would be portrayed this way.

    It's to be expected from all the information we get so easily. Vietnam was the first war to be televised with almost daily video. This war is the first war to be streamed directly from the war zone, either by journalists embedded or the troops uploading to Youtube. We're getting more information that's more accurate but that doesn't mean we need to judge everything we see or even act on it.

    Especially the musical choices they listen to while riding around, or what they do in their free time. They'd be playing the video games or listening to the music even if they weren't in a war zone, so what's with the documentary?

    Just a bunch of attention whores trying to get in the spotlight of the anti-war crowd. Don't worry about them until they're taken too seriously.

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    I think we often forget that the civil war actually had spectators. People got pickneck blankets and watched many of the battles. That war was one of the most gory in history as a result of the high caliber rounds and the fact that they bounced around in you body. People say the results of the war with there own eyes not though a camera. If anything our current culture is more sheltered than those of the past the clostest thing we have goten to somehtign like that was 911. We do not have wars on our streats but we and other socities (some still do) did in the past. So when we witness these things in clearly drmamatized forums I think it is our version that is actually better... just think of when we hung and decapated people in the public square and set them on fire

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    yep and that type of violence is still happening in the 3rd world's, s. africa is a perfect example. the people with that type of view just don't understand true violence... I can't even say I do cause I haven't seen it firsthand. I got sick to my stomach watching them decapitate pearl. I like to think many of our soldiers join to learn discipline (its a good way to start a real life for the troubled teens) and many do it just for a job. my friends in many different branches had no complaints when they finished their tours, and no they weren't poor & played games like madden for the most part.

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    Survival of the fittest. Nature has always and forever will play a predator/prey game on everything. I guess for humans the biggest excalation of this is war (not that it doesn't happen with other animals, ect... on a smaller scale). What doesn't make us extinct just makes us stronger. =)

    I myself get really tired of theese "one" sided doucmenatarys. I guess the only way to trust any of it is to see it with your own eyes.

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    discipline-> check out lords of disciplin.

    Speaking of seeing it with your own eyes, that is one of the biggest problems that I have with obama other than the fact that he is way to far left. He is only now actually going to see things he has opinions on, but makes his opinion known before he even goes. I have traveled a lot and you can only understand so much from others and the media. Besides nothing is less bias than you seeing something in real life. Take the description of a building for example: one person may describe it's architecture another it's great painting lastly an image shows how it is big and strong. All of these are descriptions of the building and all of them may be right and some of them may be wrong. But the only way to know for your self is to go there and be there. When you yourself see the building you then see it for what it is. Not what others have told you but what you have observed. Humans can feel things that can not be expressed with images and are barly convayed by our greatest writers. The idea of a room where you can feel it's weight, the atmosphere of the people. The sents and smells and the long forgotten past, these thigs the human mind can pick up on when it is presnet. Our minds are a powerful thing and we should be sending them to understand things not those of others. I know what the ajenda of my mind is but even God can not controll the free will of another.

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    I watched on the dicovery channel that the human brain has more power than the worlds fastest supercomputer. We just cant use our brain to its full potention yet anyhow..... I think it said most humans only use 2-10% of their brain power at any given time. I could be mistaken.

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    it told me video no longer available...

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