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Thread: high ping?!?!

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    so earlier today i was playing on another server i play on alot, and my ping jumped up to like 500+. so i thought it was my shitty isp once again screwing up , and did a power cycle/reboot of my modem. when i got back on i noticed all the servers that were listed in my favorites were pinging that high. so then i disconnected my router and plugged the modem straight up to the comp, and still no fix. anyway anyone got any ideas?

    ive ran all the necessary spyware/adaware and ran virus scans, everything is clean

    the weird thing is i can join other random servers and it seems to be fine wtf

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    you should get a program to see what your in out is from windows. This way you can see if something is taking the bandwidth. Also you should awalys run speed tests to see everything is working correctly:

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    9823 download, 492 upload.

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    yea i tested my speed at speakeasy i got a 5meg conn and the speed are right ....i just dont understand how all of a sudden the servers in my fav list r pinging out the roof

    what programs do you recommend to check the bandwidth usage of windows btw

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    I have sysmetrix and use it to monitor the in and out data

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    hmm im guessing it was something to do with my isp. charter blows i logged on and checked my servers and they r back to normal hopefully they stay that way. o and sysmetrix nifty

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