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    Default speedhacker

    hackers name: Secretsniper
    steam id: STEAM_0:1:6656209
    what hack: obvious speedhacking
    what server: zombie mod
    demo: herein lies the problem. i have no demo, it wont let me upload it in regular or compressed forms, it says security token missing. i cant email it since it is over 25 mb's in size, and i have no idea how to do megaupload or rapidshare type things. we do however have multiple witnesses such as rezel (who wasnt able to ban because of being kicked for latency issues), iminaporsche, pastor, and a few others including myself

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    go to

    upload the file, give us the link.

    i've used it often to post demos of hackers at convict gaming (where i play lots of tf2) since their forums have a 2mb upload limit (fucking bullshit, i know)

    edit: to download, scroll own to bottom of the linked page an click the 'download' button on the right. i believe that's the free option.
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    Default there ya go long ass demo and not really anything extremely obvious in it, but halfway you can see the guy speed up on top of the roof to tag a guy and then slow back down to normal, and it cannot be attributed to lag since his latency was low and he wasn't lagging when i watched him b4

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    I also saw him speed hacking, unfortunately due to the latency issues I was unable to get a good demo for a ban before he left the server.

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