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    Default Birthday Party Thingy

    So for those of you who didn't hear, I moved the birthday party date to this Friday due to Girls' Night Out being on Saturday.

    It's going to be at my house. It will probably end up lasting overnight.

    Feel free to bring whatever anime you want. It's going to be a fun time, at least I hope so.

    You can come as early as 4:00 if you want. It doesn't really matter when you get there, as my classes end at 11 AM. I'll be here. XD

    My Address:

    2072 Manor Dr.
    Lexington, KY 40502

    You can just put that in Google Maps and you're good.

    Just post in here if you're able to make it. My mom needs to know how many are coming XD
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    Hell yeah, I'm coming! - anime | manga | reviews

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    I'll probably be able to make it later on.

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    I'll probably be there by 6:00 or so. Maybe a little earlier. Either way, I'll be dragging my brother with me too.
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    I plan to head over at 4:00

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    can i come

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    I might be able to come, I'm have a group project thing to work on. However after that I should be free to come and it will most likely be around 7:00pm or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echo501st View Post
    can i come
    no you cant go echo god what are you thinking.

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