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Thread: Speed Hacker and possible no recoil

  1. Default Speed Hacker and possible no recoil

    active# 637 "Evo_^" STEAM_0:0:35373302 03:50 137 0 and
    active # 583 "loOping" STEAM_0:1:18480100 05:44 149 0

    The first half of the demo is Evo_^ speed hacking as a fast zombie pretty obvious if you ask me.

    Second half after the round ended is of me spectating someone else with his clan tag after evo_^ got kicked for high ping. Possible no recoil I couldn't really tell though.

    Sorry that this isn't the best demo but I forgot to go into spectate after I died in the first round.

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    yea definite speed hacks on the 1st guy, similar to the one i posted a couple days ago. as for no-recoil on the 2nd guy i say 99% sure he is.

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    I would agree on both parts. Looping was using a para and he was firing full auto yet his crosshair doesn't move an inch way from the head/chest area.

    Another thing to note is that them and one other guy had the same tag on

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