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Thread: odd problem with headset....

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    Okay so i bought myself this headset from walmart called imego... now when i plug it in i get an echo from the sound on the headset through the mic so when i talk online i get this annoying echo.... now i want to clarify that it is only the headset plugged in and I have no speakers on..... so I get an echo from the headset when i game some of you might have noticed that when i talk... So can anyone help?!?!?! it is a weird fucking problem to be having i know that....


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    what are you using for auio-out?

    like, is it your computer's speakers, or what?

    cause it's possible the mic is way too sensitive and it picks up the sounds coming from your comp, thus the echo
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    i actually have this problem, but only on one server. any other server it works perfectly. have you tried any other servers?

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    i had this problem, well occasionaly it happens..

    1. are you using a laptop woth a cam/mic?
    (if so. unplug and plug back in your mic occasionaly tell it registers and works in steam)

    2. if not.. right click on your volume control in your task bar then click the "play back devices" tab, click on the enhacments tab and make sure no enhancments are turned on. (if non are turned on, do you have the proper software for your mic ou are using? )

    3. to make sure... press ctrl + Shift + Escape. Look for a program named PNKSTB (it starts with PNK) and cancel that.. (it is a program that speeds up media downloads from microsoft) cancel it, because it effects your sound (so i experienced)

    4. if none of this works.. i have no idea. make a fat chick your desktop background??

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    I have bought the same headset from Walmart twice (don't know if it's the same one as you or not) but I have noticed that the louder I turn the sound up the more I can hear myself echo... there isn't anything you can do about it though and I just got used to it.

    However if that doesn't sound like your problem (and if your headset has the same settings as mine) then when you go into your sound options there is an option to turn your repeat on or off.
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    Have you set up + trained your mic in config area of recording devices after you right click the speaker icon in your systray yet, or ever?
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    get a better head set.

    logitech G35 has done me well.

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    get a better head set.

    logitech G35 has done me well.
    pssh thats a horrible mic...

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    Dude, I have a problem with my headset too now.

    The wire got caught in my wheel and pulled the cord a bit, now all I can get to record is whatever sounds I have going on in my computer, like it's recording from Stereo Mix or something.

    Back to my old fucking bluetooth mic..AGAIN.. It's always my fallback, but it's so crappy -_-'

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