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  1. Smile Hello All

    Hey there.
    I have been playing on IBIS for about a year now. There have been times were i would play for months, Then i would stop for months. Just yesterday i have come back again. You know, a gamer can't stick to one game =P. I think i have gotten pretty popular, well i was until i stopped playing. Yes sometimes i can get annoying on the mic and chat to much but who doesn't? IBIS in my opinion is one of the greatest zombie mod servers out there, we have admins that don't abuse, We have players that actually interact with each other. I have been on so many zombie servers, and a lot of people don't even talk or the admins are being assholes. I have noticed since i was gone and came back that, IBIS has approved a lot, and got some new features on the server, like the HUD and ect.
    Well i could write more but i wont =P
    Hope to see you in the game everyone.
    RAWR!  96

  2. Unhappy

    You have got to change your location name. Its to long and is making the forums need to use a side scroll bar. Change it to NYS or something shorter.

  3. Default

    hey, whatsup soy sauce.

  4. Default XD

    Yoo supp Hotwings.
    Ill show you a hotwings.  96

  5. Default

    Thanks for fixing that.

  6. Smile yup

    No problem haha. =)  96

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