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Thread: Zombie fighting weapons

  1. Smile Zombie fighting weapons

    Ok so playing ZM alot.. gets me thinking..what weapons would be best for fighting zombies. I think Explosives and hand to hand weapons.
    If you manage to find explosives you can keep them for a later day or for when your in need of getting away from a large horde of zombies.
    Hand to hand weapons like.. crowbar (gordon freemen all the way XD), lead pipe, chainsaw,baseball bat, axe , hatchet,anything you can use that enables you to wrap you hand around something and swing at a zombie.
    Guns.. you can run out of ammo..ammo can be no were to be found at times.. you can miss a lot..

    But the best weapon of all.. is team work.. you must have people with you.. or else.. your dead..
    All in all.. your pretty much dead.. or fucked.. zombies are here forever.. or until humans are no longer avalible and zombies must resort to eating each other.

    Id come up with a zombie group.. find a facility and form a gang of survivors XD

    Anyways.. what do you think??  96

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    What i think is that you should just post this in the topic that is already VERY similar to the one your talking about.

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