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Thread: Project 1 - Inception Escape

  1. Default Project 1 - Inception Escape

    Alright Chewey, I think we should base the map around the main story of the movie. You have to travel down the levels of the dream to get to the end where they plant the idea in that guys head. The way you win at the end is to defend long enough to wake up from the dream and escape the zombies. The room you win in (wake up in) will be in an airplane... just like the movie.

    Here are the different parts, tell me what you think.

    Level 1: Urban New York. Run to the bridge Where there is the dream machine (press e on it to start timer) Survive long enough for the machine to stabilize. (The train in the movie will appear to block the zombies so humans have time to get to the next part)

    Level 2: The Hotel. Get passed check points to the hotel room where they enter the next level. (Gravity will screw up here just like it did when the van was rolling. Not server gravity, players will walk on ceilings then side walls) Dream machine must be pressed to process onto the next level.

    Level 3: Snow Level. (The music that used to let them know how much time they had left can be played here) Get into base (shooting boxes, walls, baracades). Players objective will to have made it to a vault door which is the part where they get out of the dream. In this part when the vault door opens they enter into a white room where there is hospital table (with a man on it) with another man next to it. The players can't reach the two people and defend until the vault door closes. Then the humans wake up.

    In the airplane and win. What do you think?

    I'm going to start making textures tomorrow. (Over this weekend)
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  2. Default epic

    i think it sounds great, i was thinking the same thing.

    its like a "voodo island" type of escape.

    i think if the humans wake up after the hospital, the zombies should be transported to "limbo" with a bunch of broken buildings and such.

    then a nuke to finish them off....

    what do you think of that?

    also if you can find me a link to download the software to create a map, that would be awesome!



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    The nuke is a brilliant idea. You can download the map software from steam. Library>tools> (download) source sdk. When I find more info about textures and other stuff, ill post it here.

    Also I got a hold of a map decrypter so we can look at other maps to see how they did their triggers.

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    why not have the zombies's vision fade to black, then they die. after all, when the humans wake up, the dream would be gone
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    Do i need to download source sdk base 2007 and 2008 as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity View Post
    why not have the zombies's vision fade to black, then they die. after all, when the humans wake up, the dream would be gone
    well, i think that would be an awesome idea.... but the nuke is just a classic, and well its ZOMBIES, so the nuke will be a finisher....

    however, we can fade vision to black, and then nuke for fun... what do you think?

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    I'm not sure which one or either. Probably just download the 2008 (2007 if you want) and the sdk.

    Fading to black would actually be easier to do then mapping out limbo. Lets get the level structures mapped out on an image file first before map production. We can divide the level between us for us to design.

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    That sounds great to me!!! i have never created a map before, but i know what i want in them, so the ideas are flowing!!!

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    Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.

    Ok dude what do you think of this. Picture this in your mind. I think this would be fucking epic.

    [song starts as vault doors open] Players hold off the entrance from zombies.

    (At each teleportation of humans zombies get spawned further behind)

    [0:46] Vault doors start to close
    [0:58] (Where the epic shit happens) Vault doors are closed and players get spawned back to level 2 where they have to get to the elevator. (Down a hallway with obstacles)
    [1:35] Elevator explodes and free falls (teleporter to put players back in level 1 where they have to hold off a section of the bridge (that collapses later to drop humans in water ((Waking them up)), teleporting humans to plane, zombies that somehow make it get teleported to the limbo that leo was in at the end)
    [2:00] Part of the bridge starts to collapse
    [2:20] Whole bridge collapses and drops humans in the teleporter.
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    why would you have it fade black that would be like going to sleep would be better if you started with a fad to black like your falling asleep. then at the end go blurry and turn white like you are waking up.

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