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Thread: Please Read MAP additions

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    svoutzknives can be implemented on the pub and only be available when admin see fit for a vote on that map i feel it would be a great adittion ot the pub as well as the other maps they are all ORIGINAL PUB MAPS from 1.5 1.6 cz these maps are classics and definetly needed .

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    Hey ZEro ca n we get a reply from this? or any onei n mangement i dunno sommmmmmmebody

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clutch View Post
    These are some classic maps that i miss from regular cs and i mean maps from 1.3 to CZ.

    I would like to see these maps added

    Scoutzknives- what an amazing map not to be on ibis .


    fy_poool day- another fun map with lots of people crazy action

    fy_iceworld - which ever version of it you prefer there all good and can populate a server quite fast with a small amount of players great for late night gaming quick rounds spawns etc

    AWP_MAPS etc- alot of awp maps are available put a few on the pub so when others wannna awp i dont have to drop it and personally a much better map than some on the server AND WILL be voteable on the server

    De_inferno - already on the server but adjust the nominations page

    cs_deagle - this map is crazy and used in ur gungame add it to the pub

    de_rats - if possible


    anyways i was told this was the way to get maps added see how ti goes i guess let me know what you guys think.
    I would add all but rats. These are all pub classics.

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    Scoutzknivez should not be added to pub. Like somebody said it should be a separate server if anything. Clutch you know I'm not saying this in spite of the map, in fact I'll rape every single one of you on that map using my big toe and my elbow.


    1. Requires gravity change to even be a decent map - messes up the server I've heard and unless Zero fixes it and automatically sets it whenever the map is played, there will be nothing but problems due to admins not knowing what the fuck they are doing and it will ruin the appeal of the map.

    2. Requires air acceleration change to be played properly - Once again, if not automatically set there will be problems with admins not knowing what they are doing thereby ruining the map.

    3. People want regular pub maps - Not too many are experienced in sk and will get dominated by the few that are the bomb-diggity such as Clutch, Holy and I. There will be a musty odor of raging pre-pubescent fucks (not that there isn't already).

    4. Well, I had a fourth point but it got interrupted by back pain and me leaving to get pills. If I remember I'll edit my post...
    Fear is a Liar.

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    yeah add de_inferno to nominations list along with de_train and de_nuke

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