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Thread: Balance in the universe....

  1. Exclamation Balance in the universe....

    I have noticed a trend of threads that seem either highly important or a complete waste of time....

    1.) On one side anyone can buy admin... which seems to be more and more leading to a higher rate of new admins who dont follow server rules...
    I dont think its wrong for anyone who feels mistreated to be able to bring it up to stand as a record should there become an obvious trend on the part of the accussed abuser... but I also know you guys are tired of the whinning for no real good reason...
    (I havent taken the time to read all the thread's but of all admins that have been revoked... has an admin ever apologized for misconduct until after being banned from admin!?!)

    2.) On the other side the Good Admins who do everything withen thier power are pissed or have to think twice about using the Admin powers because of people calling abuse... Which is completly unfair to these admins!!! You paid your money for a reason... you work hard to gain respect... and work even harder to support the IBIS community.

    I dont know if it will be possible but we need to come together and try and figure this matter out or it might be worth a disscussion at the very least!
    I see both sides of the debate and am looking for feedback from some of the Elites who have been here far longer than myself... I want IBIS to reamin the leading server for GG and Zombie Mod filled with people who do everything in thier power to keep the games fair and balanced...
    I dont think everyone who posts in admin abuse is correct in doing so (i.e. I apologized about the Mallissin thing a waste of time... but others like Tsubasa were reported with reason)... Please dont start the hatred reply or mail bombing I am only putting this out there for discussion... I know I am not alone in feeling that balance needs to be restored to IBIS!!!
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    I feel exactly the same way.......

    The good and bad gets filtered out eventually and the winers usually quite themselves after feelin dumbed down for no good reason to report it...

    Another thing I have noticed are these young kids getting Admin and going in thinking there GOD with all the powers in the world..... True that some are good, but a "unnamed" one sure does piss me off once and a while with their power trips... even if they don't do anything stupid.... I heard shit a few times and made a swift note that if they don't leave me alone for stupid crap I would gladly post a few DEMO's I have of you...LMAO.... Black Mail sucks... They eventualy left me alone and apologized.... Oh... and stoped the stupid things they were doing that I DEMO'ed.

    I try and do my part even if I dont have any "special rights" myself. Im on a lot and notice a lot of things.

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    Yes, there have been admins that apologize, these are all the ones that have ever made a mistake and still have their admin. Or about 80% of all admins that are older than 6 months... you can not see there history as all records prior to May were lost.

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    I still can't figure out who all of you people are.

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    it will always be like this. you just have to keep doing what you're doing and ignore the stupid threads. gg and zm will always be tougher to control due to the fact that the age range of the traffic is greater than that of the pub. the pub is handled more strictly bc the admins and members have been playing there a lot longer, before we even had the gg & zm servers. we also have a greater # of regs in the pub. we have had close to the allotted slot filled with regs before. not many regs under the age of 16 in the pub. the younger kids will grow up someday.... don't worry.

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