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Thread: Name Change

  1. Smile Name Change

    Is there any way to change my name?
    Or do i have to create a new account and delete my old.
    I just created it so i have nothing really.
    But can't admins change my name?
    I want my name to be just "SoySauce" not "[IBIS Noob]SoySauce, i never thought about how dumb that is haha.
    Thanks.  96

  2. Default

    i think your stuck with it, lol. why would you add ibis noob anyway.

  3. Smile

    idkkk... but.. if i can't change it.. then I may have to recreate a account..
    Me and Dukey came up with a tag for me anyways "[IBIS Sauce]Soy Sauce"
    Its legendary.
    I may start a "Sauce" club =P
    I always thought main admins could go into your profile and change your stuff.. idk.  96

  4. Default

    You cant have a tag with IBIS in it. Just leave it as Soy Sauce.

  5. Smile aww

    Lukey Dukey said i can though =(  96

  6. Default

    Well he doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about and if he did that he will get banned also. We have made people take their tags off that say something thats not even ibis, just similar types of name.

  7. Smile ahh

    Well see i didn't know that.. maybe i should check rules next time.
    Thanks for the heads up, glad to see your not some asshole admin that bans right away haha.
    Ill take it off =)
    but should i remake a new account then? with just "Soy Sauce" and someone can delete this one.  96

  8. Default

    I will try to change it when I get a chance.

  9. Default

    So all those regulars that play with the [IBIS Fan] should be banned? Seems to me like they are showing support.

  10. Default

    That name is added by the Zombie Mod server. Its a title given. Thats why i did not say anything to Soy Sauce about his name now because it is within regulation. But if he altered it to say [IBIS SAUCE] that would be a breach and misuse of name. It is a special title given by himself and that is not aloud.

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