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Thread: WCS Test Server

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    This is the same ip as the WCS Server except port 27016 instead of 27015

    The password is: ibiswcs

    This server is to aid in the development of new races and plugins. As testing these races is not safe for the live server and becuase they need to also be balanced before release this server will be used to test races before they are added to the main server.

    Currently we are trying to develop all of our old races over to war3. You can track the progress in this thread:

    As races are added for testing there will be a thread in this forum created for that race to allow for everything being done to it to be tracked.

    As before you will get a levelbank and this bank size will change as needed for testing. In addition stats will be reset randomly and without warring on this server in order to aid in the testing.

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    Strider Hiryu Released for testing, see this thread to track information:

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