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Thread: Leaving for awhile.

  1. Default Leaving for awhile.

    Sup guys. If I am not on zombie mod for about 6 - 10 weeks, its not because I died. Although that would be the first conclusion I would want anyone to come to.

    I'm shipping off to Air Force boot tomorrow morning. But while I am doing push ups, ill be thinking of better ways to kill zombies and cade rooms.

    Be back later. See ya guys!

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    Have a good time and good luck

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    Yeah god luck stay safe.

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    anex best wishes and be safe - we will miss u in the server

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    Stay safe man, Gl with your training.

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    Good luck in the force... sometimes I still regret not having gone that way... (*blames the war*)

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    Reminds me.....

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    "gl out there, Your going to need it" -Half-Life bomb some fucks for me man!

  9. Default Coming back

    Hey. Just finished boot camp in San Antonio, Tx. I am thinking I will be able to get back on Zm with you guys next week. I am heading towards tech school on monday so hopefully I will see you guys on next week.

    Fuckin good to be back. I missed my zm friends.

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