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Thread: WCS Server is LIVE!

  1. Cool WCS Server is LIVE!

    The wcs server is now LIVE.

    All stats have been reset. Everything appears working!

    So now after about 6 months we have WCS BACK! There is still a lot of work to do but I hope you will all have a great time and enjoy the new WCS server.

    For those that forgot the ip is:

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    indeed it is.

    I ask that all new members of the community or those who havent played on WCS before and are planning on trying it 2 plz look over the rules of the server quickly.

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Tomes updated to take up item slots until death if player is <level5 on their current race they have a 50/50 chance to get 20xp or 100xp however will always be refunded 2500$ making the total cost 1000$ after refund.

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    Tomes set so you can buy 3 of the 100xp ones and after that it will automatically buy the 20-100xp ones of which you can get 2. After that it will refund you if your maxed out. It resets after death. As before if your <level 5 you can only buy it twice.

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    I played on the server yesterday. It was an enjoyable experience

    If you were a beautiful sound in the echos all around, I'd be your harmony.

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    Sigh.. and i won't be there before the 2nd of Jan.. ):

    here some drama,
    Gotta love you're vacation @ you're step familly when they don't even like you at the first place.. ..

    - And for those who have fought and died.. as i approach the gates of heaven; St.Peter i will tell, one more Soldier reporting Sir, i've served my time in hell.

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    By the way. if any1 could possibly post me a link to download some custom characters. i used to code for wcs mod among other things, i cant find any source material whatsoever for war3 mod. If possible I would like to try to get back to doing custom characters. Maybe server specifc?

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    Since this isn't on the main website, the stats can be found here:

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    Yesssss ive been waiting for so long!!!! Im dowloading css on my laptop right now :d

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    leeling up to level 800 again wont be fun :\

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