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    Cade:Pipe Room

    Location:To the right of the hall facing the stairs then left with a blood trail into a pipe room.

    Pipe room:Putting the rack or the heavy pipes over the small pipe are is a crouch spot and zombies cant reach humans.

    (Image will be provided later).
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    Agreed. Cading that spot is a kickable offense!

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    I would probably warn them first in admin chat, and then force ztele them, you could kick but I don't think it gets the point through as much as being zteled out of their spot. Might leave a better impression of oh! they ztele'd me out of that spot I must of been doing something wrong there..... instead of kick which can me many different things.

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    if i'm still a human, i shoot the pipes/whatever out after warning in admin chat. if they continue to try an cade it, the one doing most of the shooting would get 5 min time out. they normally learn at that point.

    the spot is fine if you're just using it as a holdout spot. easily broken with more than 4 people in there, so long as noblock is NOT on. an with less than 4, the opening is too wide to hold and the distance to it is far too short for a group to survive.

    fairly challenging spot, (and fun) if they don't cade it
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    Can I get a pic so I know for sure what spot we are talking about?

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    I am about to get the picture right now.

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    I always thought it was illegal to do that, it's cading a crouch spot and I always tell them to remove the shelf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. Xen_Warrior View Post
    I always thought it was illegal to do that, it's cading a crouch spot and I always tell them to remove the shelf
    This is ture. It breaks rule : Barricading all entrances to a crouched spot.
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