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Thread: Grandpa Snuggles

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    Retracted, Solved In Game.

    Couldn't figure out how to delete the thread I made or even if i can....
    Last edited by Steamer; 08-17-2008 at 12:23 PM.

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    umm yes, u even said 2 me, its only a 2 person spot fagget, when there is more than enough room for 3 people, u were blocking in the vent, i DID NOT take the spot cause i wanted it and u would move from it, i kicked u because you were blocking, i was in a bad mood anyways so i was like, fuck this blockers get kicked. i should have warned u but u know that u were breaking the rules and stop lying about "he kicked me because i was in a spot that he wanted" just accept that your a jackass ingame.

    so take a chill pill and dont block.

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    YOU know EVERTIME the Map is played only 2 people are there, 3 and its to much error room to get taged.... I didnt call you a faggot, and admit that yes My language was pretty bad AFTER you kicked me. YOU KNOW I DIDNT BLOCK ANYTHING. You play that map enough and KNOW only 2 people sit there. I WAS NOT BREAKING ANY RULES. You gotta lot of mouth. I lyed about knowthing. I am no jackass.

    Im rather sick of all theese new admins with there fucking power trips, this is getting rediculous. You know what you did was wrong, stop being a dick just becasue you have admin.

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    ha loud mouth, i used my mic once. and i was calm when i said, dont do it again. and yes u were blocking, just cause it is a good 2 person spot, doesnt mean it cant be a 3 person spot, just cause its a little riskier. u were blocking and u know it buddy.

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    Nope, I wasn't. Don't try and prove yourself right. You were very wrong. That music sure wasn't quite. BTW, thanks for the free knife kill, one more for my stats.

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    i will vouch for steamer as i was the other person already in the vent spot. IT IS A TWO PERSON SPOT!!! the regular admins enforce that rule and as snuggles does have a mic, he shouldve said soemthign to steamer before he kicked so we could explain again (i was already on mic saying its a 2 person spot) that is a two person spot. In case anyone is wondering which spot it is, its on zm_winterfun vents below ladder where the fan is

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    ^ In the vent.... lol

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    we already have down that it is a good 2 person spot, but it is not JUST a 2 person spot, he was blocking so no one would come into the vent with them cause i looked him in the face when i came up the ladder and i could not get in, he WAS blocking, and if u vouch for him NOT blocking then you would be lying buddy, u can vouch for him that it was a good 2 person spot and that i should have warned him, but u cant say the same for blocking, he definitely was.

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    OF COURSE I WAS BLOCKING THAT PART OF THE VENT, 2 PEOPLE WERE THERE, OMG HOW MUCH STUPIDER CAN YOU GET! People were able to get up the ladder so I was not blocking others to go further. Your were flat out being an abusive dick and you know it. The only thing you can come up with for kicking me is that I blocked (which on that part of the map is fully allowed and you fucking know it). You know you were fucking wrong yet you cant admit it. Big man you are. If you weren't blasting music at the time you would have heard me say 2 people are already here, yet I am flat out kicked..... WTF do I have to do to stop the fucking bullshit, buy admin and just not use it so I dont get kicked by cocky low life assholes like you?

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    haha blocking is not aloud buddy.

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