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    I get banned for asking Project.S who I THOUGHT was my friend to follow me so she could have the IP of DnR's brand new server, so that she and anyone else who I play with on IBIS would know that if we are not in IBIS we are here, which MOST of the time we are in IBIS we live on IBIS we just had to set up our own server for our scrimming and shit... I was not recruiting, I did not give out any IP adress I specifically told Project to follow me so she would have it.......I think the fact that we live and breathe IBIS should be enough!, now apparently we cant have our own server for our fun??

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    Havok don't try and call me out here, thats hella lame. You were banned because i was told to do so by a clanmember/higher ranking admin. Don't come at me with that crap unless you know the facts.

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    Next time send the ip n stuff over steam message. We do not like people posting ips in chat when we have so many servers. Obviously something like this is not perma so you are unbanned now.

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    Topic cleaned

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