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    Cade:Water Area
    Location:Water Area - The other side of the bridge on the sky that leads down to an underground area enterance must not be caded(The gate that opens up to the area)
    Water area:
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    It's reasonable to ban it from being caded, after all the other two rooms down there are impossible to get into if you do it right.
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    So, let me follow the train of logic here:

    This spot, which requires multiple player cooperation (and a hell of a lot of bullets) to fully, properly cade before zombies come rushing in at any time during the cading process is banned, while the other spot in the room that EVERYONE goes to which 99% of the time cannot be broken into by zombies is still OK? Seems a bit backwards.

    EDIT: And here's a demo to otherwise show that it shouldn't be illegal:
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    all the spots own there are legal, because of the fact that they do take some time to set up an noobs can fuck them over.

    the waterfront one is definately allowed, simply because it's a pain to make

    the room in the back corner is the only questionable spot, since it's a reasonably quick build if you know what you're doing.
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    This location is legal!

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