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Thread: VladtheImpaler

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    hello, joining the wcs cs mod and singing up for forums, see you all in game

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    welcome to the community!!!!!!

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    Hey what's up vlad, glad to see you joined the forums. you in wcs

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    hey vlad glad you joined but i do have one problem......

    Im gong to have an issue with your name
    No offense to you but im used to see vlad as vladninja (one of the admins here).

    anyways welcome to the forums and community

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    Thatís the funny thing about trolls: They love to do something horrible, then accuse you of doing something horrible when you call them on it.

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    Glad to have you aboard.

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    Respectfully requesting a name change plz + thx

    and after that then we can proceed with the niceties

    One cannot improve if they cannot see their mistakes!

    If you can't do it right, Don't bother!

    DeadEyeDeNNi$ <ibis.a>

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    Can't we just call him The Impaler

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