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  1. Smile Soy Sauce's App

    A little bit late on the App, i have been playing on IBIS zombie mod server for about a year now, never thought about signing up on the forums back then =P but here it is.

    Real Name:Joe

    Weapons Of Choice:M4A1,Deagle, Ak-47.

    Maps:Both Dust 1 and 2, Italy.

    Reason For App:I was a bit late on it, thought i would get it out of the way also, IBIS is the only server i really play on, en less i feel like playing a surf map or something for a day. IBIS is awesome btw

    Experience:I have played a couple hundred zombie servers, IBIS is by far the best, i work well in clans, i follow orders.

    Contact Info: [email protected]
    Aol Instant Messanger or "AIM": Joe Is Beastin

    A Little Bit About Me: I like to game, Play my guitar, Talk to girls =P, Meet new people, Have fun.

    Oh My Age Is:I'm 15 years old, i turn 16 on January 18nth  96

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    gl with ur app man

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    Thanks. XD  96

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    good luck with your app

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    thanks! XD  96

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