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Thread: howdy chillrun

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    I really have enjoyed playing with you all for a while now so I have decided its time to make ibis my perm home so i look to see you chillrun down the sights of my barrel lots more often!

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    Welcome to the forums man....see you in game!


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    Nice to see some new members in the forums. Happy gaming in IBIS !!

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    Nice to see another new user

    Even better to see people signing up and more players building up the new forums

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    welcomes see ya on the field

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    welcome! hit up the pub often!

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    Step 1: Get Admin
    Step 2:
    Step 3: Get Perma Banned
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    ... IBIS in the name right? ibis.a means admin while IBIS means Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.
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    Ummm unless you missed the idea from all the others posts, welcome!

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