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Thread: Minecraft Server

  1. Default Minecraft Server

    Not a Steam game, but this is where the games go usually..

    We have a Minecraft server up for those who would like to join, hosted courtesy of Mag36. (If you want an official IBIS Minecraft server, you could try donating and message Zero about it.)

    The two rules we have so far are simple: Build out of sight of neighbors, unless permission is granted, and no griefing, which means destroying other people's stuff, or stealing it.

    Thanks goes to Taz, for giving us motivation to create these rules!

    The address to connect to the server is:

    IBIS Vent:
    Port: 3426

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Sounds good, I'll be on to start my part of the town.

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    I'd like to try minecraft but im broke hopefully i can get it soon enough and play!
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  4. Default so happy right now, i stopped playing after i rage quit because i lost a large amount of diamonds to lava maybe i can restart.

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    ill join but probably not vent to avoid annoying tentoes lol

    is it to much to ask for some minecraft noob guidance? =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_MikeyRevile View Post
    is it to much to ask for some minecraft noob guidance? =D

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    yeah I updated my minecraft server and running it from home..... Ill try to keep up with it and keep it up and running as long as people want to use it.... Hopefully ill have more time to read up and improve some things on the server in future. Mind you minecraft is still just beta now so there may be still some glitches hanging around specially multilayer.

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    Does everyone mind posting their Minecraft username so we can keep a log of who is who.

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    My Minecraft name is Takran.

    Needs moar coal. I hate strip mining, cave exploration is so much more fun, but I couldn't find any sweet caves.

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    im weedyrs

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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