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Thread: Yo

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    Cool Yo

    Hello all just say whats up...i have met alot of you on the zm server already lol

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    Hey Death..Welcome
    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    omg dude, are you for realz a surgeon and emt? can you sign my chest? get a fuckin room
    truth of the matter is this... cujos hands can jerk me off

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    Have you played on our servers before I remember a regular named death in the past but maybe that was in NS.

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    yes that would be me got bored so i took a break for a bit i just have happaned to stumble on the servers again lol........i often come and go alot
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    hey it's death!! welcome buddy


    your pal Walter

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    welcome death to the IBIS FORUMS.

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    Welcome to the forums death

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    Haha. Fail.

    No you fail.
    No you fail.



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    Die. lol

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    Lol ty for the welcome

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