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    So, I was checking out this DC Comic Online Superhero game. I watched the trailers on it. I might check it out. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts on it?

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    Me and my brother were both in on the beta test. I got invited cuz I'm awesome, he got invited because he pre-ordered it. haha.

    I personally won't touch it, having had the chance to play it before release. There are just aspects of it that I don't like. Like the part about only 1 hotbar with 6 spots for powers/abilities.

    They did that so that it would be easily work on the hotkeys means it's easier to configure it on the controller with less buttons than a keyboard.

    For me, that's just stupid. It's lazy. Even after it was brought up in the beta forums to fix that (oh no more work), no chance. So I won't touch it, personally.

    It was fun to play, though, and fighting villains was pretty cool.

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    Look up TotalBiscuit on youtube, he has an entire series of video's with commentary that you should look up

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    Im a HUGE DC Comic fan, I can live with 1 toolbar if the game itself is decent enough. I want to play Superman, or at least my own version of him

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