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    Map: de_scorch
    Location: - (most uptodate version)
    Reason: great map that is underplayed in the competitive scene only because people fear new maps (made by defragen1)

    Map: de_frost
    Reason: same as above, newer map, excellent balance for both sides

    Map: de_inferno_pro
    Reason: best version of de_inferno out there

    Map: de_tuscan_css
    Reason: this map is similar to de_cpl_mill, but gives the terrorists more options/strategies to get to each bombsite. great league map

    Map: de_season
    Reason: ted's first css map became one of the most popular league maps to date. well balanced, a must play

    Map: de_russka_source
    Reason: i think the regulars in the pub will enjoy this one, this map screams for teamwork.

    these maps will also probably be great choices for your wc3 server, zero

    i hope these make the cut, as ive seen contra, mill and even cpl_fire on the rotation which are highly voted for maps as well. at least when im playing

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    Season is readded (we had it in the past) and the rest have been added.

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