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    There's a map called 007_complex_classic_n64_nc on gungame server which is undownloadable, therefore it just dumps everyone from the server. Could it be removed (there are at least 2 other "complex" versions) or fixed?

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    I would if I could but that map is not even in the map list. how in the hell did you even get there?

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    An admin posted up a vote for that map this afternoon Europe time, it was on for 2 hours with only a few occasional players (who downloaded the map off the internets) were on.

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    the admin on at the time was Assassin <ibis.a>. we were asking if he could switch the map to complex but we were reffuring to cs_complex where he picked the other one for a vote. none of us on at the time knew there was a problem with this map but as he said above, no one could dl it and it empied the server for a few hours.

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    Ok I will make sure that the other versions are removed except for cs and fy complex. the fy version is admin only selection as it has the fy spawns if you all want more fun or kayos.

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