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Thread: Mac OSX on Pc

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    Okay using the !ATKOS_4A installation disk, i got the mac leopard OS on my PC.

    Has anyone else done this?

    Right now i'm triple booting between linux, xp, and now mac.

    Only problem is my ethernet on my mac OS isn't working so i need some help.

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    The drivers are probably not compatible with your hardware. I could see why you would need linix but what reason could you ever have for actually "needing" mac. Just seams like a wast of time and space.

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    My card is supported, its a Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E.

    reasons why i'm doing this:
    1. Theres some video\image editing programs on there i want to check out.
    2. I got people who would pay me to do that for them if it works
    3. the challenge

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    A friend of mine at work experimented with Leopard on a PC and it didn't work well at all. The sound card never worked due to driver issues and it was unstable as hell. It stopped working all together when an idiot coworker of ours decided he was going to update iTunes and the OS. Anyways, most of the programs available for OS X should be available for PC, I would go that route before trying to screw around with an OS that wasn't made with your hardware in mind.

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    The problem you find with building a mac rig is that it's designed to work with their hardware (though intel mobo, there are several unique parts to a mac, or at least it's build) good thing zero pointed out is that you won't find drivers or really any support for your rig ( at least not easily). Btw what app are you interested in checking out. To my knowledge there aren't too many mac unique apps aside from final cut & their production suites.

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