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Thread: Talk to your team only!

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    New version is out! Hopefully there will be no problems this time and then I can expand the mod to include mute and other features in the future.

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    Is the user.cfg file in the

    team\steamapps\brainumbc\counter-strike source


    If the file isn't there, I should just be able to create it (with the correct extension) in notepad, right?

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    There's really no way to tell for sure if it's working or not unless you get someone you trust on the opposing team to let you know if he/she can hear you or not, correct?

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    Oh Lawdie lawdie it works!

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    I'd like to officially declare that this little feature should be declared an unmitigated failure. The fact that an admin and clan member has NO WAY to turn OFF the other teams chats makes this an absolute failure.

    Please give back the powers to turn all talk off!

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    Why would you need to be able to turn off all talk when you have team talk?

    Also post update mute now works.

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    I have in game voice disabled from options in certain situations. This code is negating it and I can't turn off voice completely. Do not like this.
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    Zero, this is awesome! Any chance to get this onto the WCS server when you have it working (nearly) flawlessly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passarelli View Post
    Zero, this is awesome! Any chance to get this onto the WCS server when you have it working (nearly) flawlessly?
    dear god no. please don't put this in wcs. the place is already being held together by more than a little duct tape, and what i can only imagine is some strange, scary amalgamation of python and PHP.
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    Ah, that is true enough. I guess it all depends on how hard its implementation would be while keeping stress off the server. I just hate hearing peeps mindless chatter when I'm the last guy alive, especially fighting birds. ^_^

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    I was reminded last Friday how BAD this is.

    I want to be able to turn all-talk off because I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE OTHER TEAM's VOICE when I am in team speak mode. If that change can be implemented then awesome! If not, then please let us turn all-talk off if we choose.

    Please make this change...

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