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  1. Smile I wont

    I wont be on as much.
    Just a heads up.
    With school starting for me in a week or so i need to do other things before i loose all my freedom.
    When i say loose all my freedom i mean... Doing Hw after school for an hour or so...going to bed at 9-10pm.. instead of 1-3am, getting up at 6am.
    Basicly my gaming time will be cut back a lot more.

    My bro recently gave me his xbox with loads of games, i have been playing that a lot.
    Aswell as hanging with friends.

    So yeah if I'm not on as much, thats why.  96

  2. Default

    I got that problem coming up also. But we got back in like 2 weeks. Although i never have homework.

  3. Default

    Yeah school can be a bitch sometimes.
    Idk about HW school hasn't started yet so idk how much they will load me up with. I hope its not a lot.

    I will try and continue to post on the forums though.  96

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