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Thread: Problem in PUB server #1

  1. Default Problem in PUB server #1

    There is a problem with map changes. It keeps changing back to acg_texture map. Even if we switch it to antother map, it goes right back to acg_texture automatically. Can we fix this before it kills the Pub ?

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    I check to see if any other admins were on that could have did it, but no one that I Could see.

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    That map is not in the cycle only and admin can send you there. I have totally removed the map now to prevent this in the future.

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    Thanks !! I dont know what happened but its fixed now.

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    yeah it changes at least 4 times in arow before it stop its cycle.

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    Pub Server went down, approx. 4:05 pm Today Wed May 14th.

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    Nevermind, it must have restarted. =)

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