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Thread: Hattrick permabanned:aimbot ZM Server

  1. Default Hattrick permabanned:aimbot ZM Server

    Banned: Hattrick
    Reason: aimbotting
    Server: Zombie Mod + Server
    time: 5:24

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    STEAM_0:1:470720 Hattrick 6\k_3BVfON9Y3EW3:;_;MhdW`2dKDCYN>=R[Z[7Faa[`S>Ib;Ol

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    Good Job, kept up the good work.

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    Nice ban lukey.
    Il show you a ban.  96

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    I reviewed the demos myself, and there was signs of hacking, and i'm pretty good at spotting it since I was an admin on another server and usually had to deal with that kind of stuff daily.

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    Hacking on a ZM sad...

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    Why would someone hack on a zombie server? Its the most pointless, least competitive server that is out there. Even surf servers are more about competition than zombie mod is. I just dont understand the motive. If you use hacks why not do it in a place where you can ruin other peoples ranks?

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    It's because i permabanned him from the ibis pub before. Unfortunately that time around I caught him, but didn't sb_status it. But that was a mix of walls and aimbot. Oh as for the obvious part, being in a cade with pooter and him getting 13 kills w/o pooter even getting one rose my suspicions tenfold.

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