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Thread: Hattrick 8/23/08 1700

  1. Default Hattrick 8/23/08 1700

    Hi, just wondering if it would be possible to unban me.

    No idea who banned me
    1700 ish
    On the zombie-mod server
    No idea why I was banned. No warnings, I was in a room with some people shooting up zombies. I don't have a mic so I don't think I was being obnoxious.


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    Hey soy, any idea on how I can view the dems? I have no idea why he'd think I use an aimbot. Thanks!

  3. Default ...

    Actually, just googled on how to view demos. Can someone else look at them? I'm still not sure where the aimbotting comes in. I don't think I'm shooting any better (or worse) than others...


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    Download it to your ...\Steam\SteamApps\username\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike folder, run the game and type "playdemo <demoname>" in the console (without quotes and <>).

    There seems to be a hint of aimbottish things in hattrick5.dem, but I don't even know whose perspective is it.
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    If i were you hattrick i would talk it over with Dukey Lukey, he is the one who banned you he (so far as i know) is the only one who saw this aimbotting going on.
    It could just be a glitch or his eyes are playing tricks or something you never know, like a misunderstanding.

    So instead of jumping to conclusions and turning this into a big pointless argument like a lot of ban discussions, i would just talk to Lukey Dukey.  96

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    I've banned you before from the pub server, so don't pull that shit. I have that demo too if you want to play dumb about it.

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    Hattrick i have known Lukey Dukey for awhile now and i know how he is on the servers.
    He doesn't play around or abuse.
    If he caught you aimbotting AND has proof then i am 100% he is not lying.
    You probably did but wont confess about it.
    Just admit that you hacked, its more painful when you lie rather then confess.
    Us IBIS members don't like liers.  96

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    Oh as for hacking, aimbotting, etc. No warning is necessary for those bans.

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    Lukey do you know anyone else that was on the server that witnessed it? Idk just encase you need extra evidence  96

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