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Thread: Guess What?!

  1. Smile Guess What?!

    I am a IBIS Regular now XD
    Pointless thread but it makes me happy XD
    Anyone want to celebrate with bear and beer pong, invite some ladies, or friends...

    P.S-BEER PONG!  96

  2. Default

    you post too much pointless stuff. stop.

  3. Default

    Ouch that was mean.

    But i will stop.. just for you.  96

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    Quote Originally Posted by +Project.S+ View Post
    you post too much pointless stuff. stop.
    Thank you.

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    thats why he post so much stupid shit o get the status sry dude but its true
    just stop posting stuff jost to post it make it intresting or usefull or fun

  6. Default

    That was a pretty useless post as i read that hours ago? Why do you got to post useless shit that i already know?
    Someone lock/close this topic.  96

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    i just got to it im just saying uve been spamming the hell outa the fourms just say your point in 1 message not 6 or 7

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    I have only posted like 3-4 not no 6-7.
    I get the point.
    Doesn't take a bunch of people to tell me.
    Whoopise i got out of control and posted something stupid.. we all deal with mistakes and move on.
    Im not trying to be rude.
    Sorry i posted worthless post.  96

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    im not tryin to be mean big man yes im younger than you i just get frustrated at seing you post way too much but its been dealt with lets be friends hugs for all

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    Free hugs.. kisses for the ladies?
    But yes Friends.  96

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