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Thread: MotherF@%ker

  1. Unhappy MotherF@%ker

    well my computer is down and im stuck on my g/f laptop till i dig out some old parts and setup another rig.

    anyway ill be buying a new mobo and video card here soon (hopefully)

    so till then ill just be hitting up the forums and in the words of beast


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    Wait you have a kid and your not married? OMG what is happening to the world?!?

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    lol nah i havent settled down that much

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    WTF did you do... Forget to replace old O-Rings and melt down your Mobo/GPU????

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    well first i was borrowing a mobo from a friend and he came to get it back. so no prob yet, then i cant find my stuff for my agp setup(pci-e the reason i was borrowing the mobo) so then i thought i would try to to see if my pci-e abit board that i thought was burned out would post with his video card, my processor and my ram. anyway it didnt. well he just called me this morning to let me know that inthe process of testin that abit board his video card was fried, so im guessing that my processor and my ram are all now shit which means i have to build a whole new rig. so once again


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    Lol wait. So Josh's vid card fried AFTER he took back and installed the one you borrowed? Rofl that's fucked up he was acting like a giddy schoolgirl when I talked to him the other day thinking about playing his pc again. And now both of your cpu's are fux0red lol.

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    lol yeah it fucking sux considering i found my agp 7600 and put everything back together on my old comp and something is not working. i get power and everything but no video, so im guessing that im fucked untill i buy a whole new rig fucking yay!

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    Damn, thats sucks, Kinda odd it fried the GPU, musta been something really ferked with that Mobo / parts. I guess updating to a newer if even cheaper pc would be better anyhow.

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    yea its just gonna take a bit to save up now since i got my daughter to provide for too so meh might be a minute before im back on guys

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    See ya soon then. Yea... Took me a WHILE! to build my new PC.

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