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Thread: Sup all

  1. Cool Sup all

    hahaha took me almost a half hour to figure out how to register, and i finially did it.......=====> kool looking

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    Whats up, welcome to the forums and enjoy.  96

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    thank you

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    Good to see you in here
    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    omg dude, are you for realz a surgeon and emt? can you sign my chest? get a fuckin room
    truth of the matter is this... cujos hands can jerk me off

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    Welcome, hang around.

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    lol i like the name

    welcome to the forums

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    welcome to the forums.

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    These avatars are getting more original. Welcome to the Forums.

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    Welcome in here.....have a safe ride...


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    What sorts of problems did you have that made it hard to register. If you let us know I can find ways to improve it.

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