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  1. Default Tos

    1. Under no circumstances are standard* admins allowed to perform any admin command on a fellow clan members / admins.
    2. Map changes will be dictated by clan members*** / the automated map vote. If there are no high ranking clan members on the server, the first admin on the server will have the privilege of changing the map to what he / she wants. However, this is not to be abused by rapid map changes.
    3. If there is a debate between two standard admins regarding a hacker, no ban will take place.
    4. Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.
    5. Be respectful and non offensive of our community and its members regardless of race sex, or religious beliefs.
    6. ABSOLUTELY no public flaming / arguing between clan members.
    7. No Banning clan members or admins.
    8. A demo must be recorded of a hacker prior to a hackers ban.
    9. Banning someone should only be used as a last resort to get a player to listen or to remove a hacker.(In other words mute a spammer do not ban him right away.)
    10. All bans must have a demo to be perma
    11. Punishment should be issued in accordance with the server rules topic located in the rules forum
    12. Bans to be upgraded to perma or that are perma and have not been reviewed must be posted in the appropriate section in accordance with the format outlined here:
    13. No one other than a clan member or an upper level admin shall upgrade any ban to a length greater than 30days without instruction from a clan or upper level admin.
    14. Perma bans will be determined by a 2/3 majority vote by clan or upper level admins.
      1. Unanimous decisions can not be appealed
      2. Votes can only be changed to unban but not to ban after a given users intitial vote

    15. Temp bans can be reviewed individually by clan members
      1. These DO NOT include 30day bans that are pending for perma status.

    16. Admins do not get senior admin when not using the tag and should not use admin when not wearing the tag unless necessary for catching a hacker in rare instances where a delay in banning would be too disruptive to gameplay.

    Breaking these rules in any way will result in admin privileges being revoked, and for more severe cases being removed from the clan, server, ect. All cases will be evaluated and assessed by high ranking clan members. If you feel that a clan member / admin has broken any of these rules, please post in the correct fourm. Admin is not refundable.
    *= standard adminís are basically everyone that has admin besides clan members.
    **=clan members are admins with the <ibis> tag on while in the server. If they do not have the tag on they do not count.
    ***= high ranking clan members include: Steven(ZERO), Jared(krod/JigSaW), Robby(ENZO)

    *There are currently no upper level admins a system to create and identify these admins is still pending.

    This tos is subject to change, check to see changes in the future.
    Last edited by ZERO; 10-25-2011 at 02:00 PM. Reason: Officially declared clan members as "senior admins"

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    Updated to include an old case law based rule of clan based seniority. While the clan itself was never defined previously as "senior admin" people for years have included them with the original founders as a result an official rewording of rule 2 has been made to make it clear for new admins.

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    Updated TOS to reflect and clarify rules of the new system.

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    Updated to have rule 16 to make the issue of admin tags more clear.

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