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Thread: Metallica - 1st listening

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    Hey guys......i had one of the fears of my life!!!!!

    I started the new release song ( to be on Death Magnetic - september 12th) by Metallica - The Day That Never Comaes. First 2 minutes....another fucking slow and depressive song as on load and reload....i was about to hang myself ....then fucking 3min 47 seconds...IT START!! Damn....good old fucking Master or Kill em all shit is good....

    Can t wait to hear the entire album..


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    Metallica-One, is my favorite song.  96

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    yeah...And Justice for All is a great album...very solid riffs, square you know that you can not find a single ride cymbal sound in the entire album...only crashes and hi-hat...that s why it sounds freaking solid!!


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    Wow sweet never knew that.
    Thats cool dude.
    Good album though.  96

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    And Justice for All is my favorite album follwed by Metallica (The Black Album).

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