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    Just wondering if anyone else was getting lag on the servers?...for some reason im getting lost of lag right now...but i can figure out not dling i dont know what the problem is..any help with be great!..thanks!

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    Well... games always have lag.. idc what super uber setup you have your always going to have lag.. i get lag... EVERYONE gets lag..
    I just ignore it and move on.  96

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    negative, lan=lag free might get fps chug on a lan connection but that depends on your system

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    games dont always have lag.....
    lag appears for two reasons, 1 your connection is having problems or the server is.
    fps drops, which feel like lag, are most likely from your hardware.

    now back to the topic, the pub server does seem to experience lag (as in latency) issues. i rarely see that happen in the zm server and i dont play on gg much so i cant comment on that server.

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    type net_graph 3 in console that will give you your Loss and Choke..once you got the numbers read below..

    There are three numbers in that which are important:
    Ping: This is how long it takes for packets to travel between you and the server. If this bounces around wildly, there's a connection problem somewhere. If you play on wireless, make sure you turn off the Windows Wireless Zero Config service before playing, as that will cause lag once per minute. Otherwise, lag spikes are likely a bad hop in your connection to the server, and the only hope to fix that is to call your ISP and ask them to try to resolve it.
    Choke and Loss: Loss is packets you send not making it to the server's CS:S program. Usually this is caused by the server not having enoguh power for the map and number of players currently connected. Nothing you can really do about this, but any loss will cause problems. Choke is packets getting to their destination, but not getting there in a timely manner. There are a lot of possible causes for this, and typically the only way to fix them (without spending a lot of money in some cases) is to adjust you "rate", "cl_cmdrate", and "cl_updaterate" in the CS:S console. These are the commands that determine how many times per second your computer and the server communicate, and how big of a packet can be sent between them, so turning them down will decrease lag spikes, but increase overall lag.

    One other thing to try, particularly if you do not have an integrated graphics chip, is to check the option to force the game to pre-load all textures when the map loads
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    Try pining your router and you will find that there is something called ping or latency also known as LAG! In other words every setup has lag. Even you RAM had LAG! Yes that is right did you ever look at what those numbers after the ram speed actually mean? Well they are called the "Latency Timings" or in other words LAG TIME!

    Timing Definition Abbreviations What it does
    2 CAS Latency CL Delay between activation of row and reading of row
    3 RAS to CAS (or Row to Column Delay) tRCD Activates row
    2 Row Precharge Delay(or RAS Precharge Delay) tRP/tRCP Deactivates row
    6Row Active Delay (or RAS Active Delay, or time to ready) tRA/tRD/tRAS Number of clock cycles between activation and deactivation of row
    1 Command Rate CMD Rate Delay between chip select and command

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    i understand that herer will always be lag..but when i was going for around 100 to over 300 i was confused on why...but now it seemes fine..i still dont know why...could have been a problem with my ISP...thanks for the help!

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