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Thread: Community Pics

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    Ok so i decided that we should try this. A lot of other forums have threads where people can post pics of themselves and get to know who they are owning in the servers. But it needs rules.

    Rule 1. No demeaning assaults.
    That means don't take someones pic and photo shop it or do anything inappropriate.
    Also this means don't go on a rant about someones looks or their ethnicity.

    Rule 2. Don't post any gay shit, come on guys i know someone is going to do something like post a pic of a dick or something and everyone will be like "WTF." Don't do it.

    Rule 3. Don't do something that you know will hurt someone else. People get pretty heated whenever they get internet insulted. Be mature.

    Rule 4. Please try to stay on topic! Have private conversations with nothing to do with the thread else ware.

    If any of these rules are seen to be broken then i can and will delete the whole thread.

    Feel free to speak up on anything.

    P.S. Rape$ will delete any spam, so don't bother with it.
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    Heres the Handsome NYS CO !!!
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    There's me.

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    Normal me... kinda an old pic...

    Super Ninja me...

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    here's D-Mo
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    After a 14 hour day in Trinidad, still had a few more hours of work after that.

    My busted nugget. Long story.

    Also from Trinidad, the last day my unit was there. Wake up...0630, by 0632 you could feel your nutsweat for the rest of the day...even when showering.
    On the firing line, Ft. Drum, NY.

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    ps: i want a pic in costa rica.
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    Thought i should bring this back to get all of our "newer" people on the forums a chance to see it.

    Me before i met a U.S. senator.

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    doing some strongman training

    getting snookered up

    Right before I jumped into the ocean in February to support the special olympics

    "If you don't like my fire..Don't come around..cuz I'm gonna burn one doooowwnnn"

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    Me, last winter, holding my cat.

    My hair was a lot longer then...

    Darn. Uhhhh.

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