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Thread: Zombie Mod Maps

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    Hey Zero the last few days since I got admin I have noticed several maps that people down right hate and some they are requsting.

    So for your consideration
    remove- abandond Projects (decent idea but just to dark and everyone camps the same spot.)

    Add- Lila Epic ( I have gotten multiple requests and complaints for this map, the complaints being that we dont have it on rotation.)

    Also I think some balencing needs done for maps like jurassic park and licciana escape. The fast zombies overrun the humans before they have a chance.

    Just my $.2

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    The only thing that could be done to balance Jarrasic park any better would be to DECREASE the hp on fast zombies INCREASE speed on all the other zombies, which cannot be done seeing as how the editing applies to ALL zombies, Fast zombies are about right, maybe a little less health, but all the rest of the zombies are far to slow to have a chance, people camp spawn and kill them before they can leave the water. The map just doesn't work.

    We also need to make a rule about the big vents on Snoopy, there should NEVER be para's in there, it is just too unalanced. The zombies will NEVER get the humans unless someone gets too close to they outside, or the zombie spawns inside the vents. It should be pistol only, or smg only, Lukey and i talked about this and most of the people in the servers agree, we need to do something to balance it out a little better.

    And then there is ATIX, lots of people want to make it a rule that if you stand too close to the edge of the helicopter pad that you should be slapped off. Now obviously there are some problems with this one. 1. It limits the gameplay, that we all know is a little on the down side, well, allot on the down side, 2. Most people do it for fun, and once they get tagged they jump off or !ztele, or they simply get shot off. People want to make it a rule for the idiots that do it EVERY ROUND, and turn around and tag everyone. This would be more like an on the spot type desicion to take action via admin. Not a strong point, but i thought i might as well mention it.

    And on last one, Train escape, we all know the train moves too slow, this is because the server tic is not 100, So there is no way to fix the train speed, but how about slowing down the zombies, and limiting their health. You can't buy weapons on this map, so you only get the weapons from the armoury, which do not carry the normal ammount of ammo. Just a couple of idea's.
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    Jurassic is indeed hard to do, but there is nothing I can think of that could be done server-sided to balance all zombie classes. However, it's not impossible without killing the initial zombie either; just pretty challenging. A 75% handicap to zombies would sound fine though.

    On Snoopie, the playerbase appears to balance itself over time: First round is usually won by a fistful of humans in the vents, and that causes all the noobs to go there for the rest of the time. With the noobs flooding the vents, humans winning is a rare sight.

    Well ATIX... It's really not fair to punish people for being noobs, but it's not fair as well to be "punished" for having noobs in the same atmosphere as you. I say that this should be left at the admin's discretion, if he wants to, he can slap down the noobs after a few warnings.

    Finally, you could decompile Trainescape and make the train go faster, but it will be even less smoother with the movement.

    Also, $.2 is 20 cents :P

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    What i can do is give the zombies more health or speed or jump on maps where they are too weak

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    Fyi there already is a 75% speed cap on zombies in jarassic park, all ze maps have a minimum of a 75% speed cap by default with my settings.

    I could not find the map Lila Epic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    What i can do is give the zombies more health or speed or jump on maps where they are too weak
    I noticed it last night, looking at the psychostats for the server maps, you can tell which maps are imbalanced for either or, humans or zombies.

    Snoopie, I would say rifles and below should be acceptable in vents. I often buy an M4 and try to get dualies to go to vent, but as most will notice, all I do is dualies these days. The only time I kick to primary is if I'm in a world of shit and need rounds when my dualies are out.

    ATIX used to be fun, but it's a fail map now. Too many people get moronic about it. Last night I had to slap some jackass off the ledge because he literally stopped and sat on the ledge (across from the ladder/helipad) after several people asked and told him to move.

    Jurassic, as with almost all other escape maps, will always be no fun. People enjoy f***ing other people over, especially on escape maps (e.g. blowing up bridges, shooting boards out from under people, jumping onto a board to knock someone off it while running, etc). Plus, the fast zombies are just too fast, unless you're one of the first 5, if that high, players to get to the finish line. By then, 5 people to fend off 20ish+ zombies is impending zombification.

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    thats why i reallky only enjoy licciana, 3 ppl can hold most of the time and 2 is just plain fun cos its hella intense (and possible, have done it w/ potato, pooter etc. only if your with a noob, like a guy that uses a glock instead of his mg, will you be supremely screwed)

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    i really dont have a problem with any of the maps... as long at you choose you zombie right and know all the tricks its easy but maybe i just play zombie too much...

    The ledge on atix if fine IMO. as long as you look at the idiot and they are not blocking the ladder. I have successfully stood next to the ladder and have not gotten tagged... although like always reloading is a killer.

    Jurassic park will never be balanced. We keep complaining about it and Zero keeps changing things but it keeps staying one sided... We hindered the zombies in that map and we came back again saying they were too slow and zombies couldnt win. So he makes it faster and then humans cant win. Honestly it really comes down to People not screwing over other people and decent cooperation. Which usually never happens.

    Vents should be banned in general because even with M4s and pistols as long at you have a few experienced people in there it should be invincible. Shotguns push the zombies out and provides enough time for rifles to reload and just rape zombies in the face. Deforms have less pushback but even then People are too stupid to cooperate and they are so slow that the human can just wail on their face and kill them before they even touch them.

    Tubes are ok in certain maps as they are short. Except for Lila Panic V2. its horrible... there is basically the invisible money room and the tubes. Granted that the money room takes skill but the zombie are sometimes stupid and concentrate on the toobs giving a player enough time to set it up.

    Let see what else. Roy the Ship is a human sided map but it usually equals out do to the stupidy of noobs in your cades. You should take out LAB Panic as nobody likes it and the cheap spot there is invinsible. Also alot of the cades in there are glitchable. Ive seen people jump through them ive seen people nade zombies and totally shoot them through a cade.

    Well you can keep lab panic and alot of other maps(their names escape me at the moment) if you could fix the cade glitching issue.

    ((sorry if some of my post didnt make sense. its 5 in the morning and im tired...))

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    honestly speaking if there is a good fast zombie starting (basically any reg like me) we will rape on an escape map. however, if you make first zombies so handicapped that we cannot rape, than any less skilled zmod player will definitely lose on the escape map. so making it balanced is pretty much impossible imo. take licciana for example, when im human and theres a decent first zombie i will always make it to the end (unless of course i get blcoked by a zillion ppl because they all dont know where to go). however, if im first zombie i will most likely take out the humans because im really good at the map and know how to get to the end in the quickest way possible. the reason other starter zombies fail alot of the time is because they go for stragglers that are behind them/ concentrate on one human too much. the key to being a good zombie on an escape map is getting to the front as quickly as possible, slash a human here and there and they will take care of the group they are in, just get to the front humans and you will win.

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    Logically the top .1% of players can not be taken into account for balance because they would make it unbalanced. Balancing will make is fair for the average player most of the time.

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