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Thread: Comcast Usage Cap In place.

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    Who downloads 250 gigs a month anyway? But we need to crack down on this because it is a restriction of our freedom. We got to combat it before they start tightening the noose around our neck and we find ourselves hanging to death.

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    You would be suprised how many people could go threw the bandwidth. Still, think of a few years from now.... High Def video steaming and ect, theres no note that caps will rise in the future and it places a restriction on future growth of content on the internet. I stream Netflix videos and they will son be streaming High deff also. at a videa a day, say compressed to ~8gigs x30 days, I could eat up all of my cap atm. That would leave me 10 gigs to do what I want with. Could cause some big restrictions in the future to come.

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    They also fuck themselves a bit b/c who needs high speeds if your not trying to get some big file. We need the gov to step in and say this is bs. At minimum they need to offer an unlimited plan at the same speed for a reasonable price. They should not be able to cap our access to the internet just to line their pockets and shut out competition.

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    Well I suspect there will be massive migrations and then they'll realize that it's not the users who are the assholes around.

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    I doubt that noting that most people will not notice or care enough to do anything until all internet providers do shit like this. I wonder if this number will double every 24 months like technology does...

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    For reference last month our website that also hosts the fast downloads for the servers maps transferred: 307GB. We transfer an average of 1mb/s every month.

    I should also note that web hosts often sell 100,000gb of transfer for like $15 a month there speeds are like 10mb up. Now how can a much much bigger group of people all pay $30-$50 a month and only get 250gb at much less speed, sounds like some monopolization to me...

    Lets think, when you order a web server you are paying for: the server, the power to run it, the lines to the centers main output, a fraction of the total cost of the centers internet, the power to run all the switches in the center and others hosted by the company, the power to cool all of this, the money for staff to man all of this, the rent for the space, the guards to secure everything, the money to upgrade the computers and all of the network stuff.

    Now when your the one doing the hosting and all your getting is the connection that makes there cost a lot lot less, although you can say that it is more money to run the crap to your house. But there are a lot more people paying for that cable to your neighborhood and not just for internet. The current rate they are doing is $99 for phone and internet and cable. You could say there are as many people in a large neighborhood as servers in a data center. Now these people are paying about 2-4 times as much money at minimum. But they personally cover the cost for the network on their end and the power and the upgrades and the security and the land. In addition they also get less speed and in addition to that they now can only transfer 1/400 as much data. So they pay a minimum of twice as much for about 1/400 the service. Logically I am being general but if you went in depth the numbers would only get worse...
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    Their 99 deal for phone, internet, and TV only lasts so long and then you get jacked in the ass, like I did. I now pay $199 a month. I called and said WTF, they said it was a promo that ended. I said I was shutting it off then. They said go ahead.

    Fuck em. Killed the phone, and in october, Im killing the service all together.

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    I would personally shut them off and go to another ISP, BUT, they have monopolized my area and I have no other option. FiOS is slowly making its way to my area but they have yet to put in a bid. The state gov likes to monopolize certain areas as I suppose they get a kickback of the procedes. Something needs to be done yet no one has the power to do so... As shown by the FCC fiasco.

    It's sad to say but I doubt anything is gonna happen to the cap and it shows just how much one company can control an area and fuck you straight up the ass. It's all about gettig the most profit off of the netwrok they refuse to upgrade untill it finally begins breaking down. I mean they tested DOCSIS 3 fine and even rolled it out in a few areas (50mb/5mb @ 150$ [ridiculous]).... they could make things so much cheaper with less congestion and more reliability at the same speeds they offer now uncapped. They say 20% of their market will be upgraded to DOCSIS 3 by 2008 and the rest by 2010. I bet we wont see any droped prices! More likely increased cost and or finished Protocol Agnostic Monitoring WITH the Caps and extra throttleing.

    What the hell is the point of me buying an unlimited HS connection if i'm just gonna be slowed down by the monitoring and capped? They add caps and slowdowns then they should come up with some more pricing plans. When the hell are US ISP's gonna get more like some of the good ones in European Countrys / Japan. Greedy F'ing Monopolizing Pigs....

    What are they trying to do? Stop competition with their video service?

    Next up in the line of marketing.... Comcast Has contracted Netflix to not count as bandwidth Usage, or Pay only 5$ more for Unlimited Netflix Steaming. Of course these companys get a kickback for helping subscriber to subscribe to Comcast ISP... Pretty bad eh?
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    It also thus created oligopolies that should be illegal!

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