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Thread: vac banned

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    i was vac banned and i never cheated what do i do

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    Unfortunately, you'll need a new account.

  3. Default Your fault

    You may not being doing any wrong now but at some time you tryed a hack out or maybe even tryed to hack i dont know, but it takes somtimes up to 2 months to get banned by vac so at some point you fucked up sorry but your gonna need a new accout and this time dont be a noob and hack or vac will own your sorry ass once more. nublet sorry for being upfront but i hate people who hack or try to hack!

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    Yeah you don't get vac banned, unless you was messing around with hacks.

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    No sympathy, you're a nub and you got busted. Bye Bye $20.

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    10$ now. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamer View Post
    10$ now. =p
    must be a sale.

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    Yep, it was. 20$ again.

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    hahaha owned

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